Nees VIP Sprinters and minibuses –
convenient shuttles to Frankfurt.

If a coach is too large for your group, but a limousine is too small, we recommend a VIP minibus. Our minibuses combine the comfort of a VIP Luxury Bus with the agility of a limousine – while offering a more generous amount of personal space. They furthermore offer a greater amount of flexibility when travelling in crowded urban areas with narrow streets, for example..

Travel like VIPs – in a VIP Sprinter from Nees.

Real VIPs prefer to travel in discreet elegance – at least as far as outward appearances are concerned. Actors, rock stars and other celebrities are often chauffeured to their destinations in VIP Sprinters that boast lavish luxury inside – just like the minivans and minibuses offered by Nees VIP LINE. Here, you and your business associates can enjoy fragrant leather and the rich sound of a high-end Hi-Fi system while sipping a cup of coffee or a glass of chilled champagne. Treat yourself to some luxury: you deserve it

Meetings in the minibus – stay fully connected.

For smaller groups between 7 and 19 business associates, a minibus provided by Nees VIP LINE is simply ideal. Take a seat in the comfortable leather armchairs, connect your laptop or tablet PC to the USB dock, and away you go. Discuss important decisions with your business associates or focus on your own work while having a relaxing ride through the busy Frankfurt traffic. This is Business 2.0!

Be agile, fast and discreet on your way through Frankfurt.

All minibuses and VIP Sprinters offered by Nees VIP LINE have tinted privacy glazing – a pleasant feature when you don’t want everyone to see who’s inside, and something that even those who are not celebrities will appreciate. Furthermore, the speed of our minivans and minibuses significantly reduces the regular duration of travel from Frankfurt city to surrounding areas or other German cities. Not to mention the ease of manoeuvrability in urban traffic. And finally, our VIP Sprinters and other minibuses can easily park in multi-storey car parks, allowing the vehicle to be exited discreetly.